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Welcome to Bloodarrow! 😎



9 Basic Rules we all have to follow:


War Rules: 

If you are a new member, in order to be added into wars, you have to make it clear that

you are active,  communicate, and know the rules. Do / ask for some friendly challenges!


1. - Only Opt in when you are really motivated and have enough time.

2. - Opt out when you are upgrading a Hero.

3. - Always use both your attacks.

4. - If there is a clan mail regarding the war, read it - follow it.


5. - The weaker/lower your offense is, the sooner you have to do your attacks,

if you are among the lowest left with attacks, do them ASAP!

TH8's must get both attacks in during the first 12 hours of war,

TH9's during the first 15 hours - make sure you dont leave any

0,1 or 2stars behind - drop down and clean them up!


6. - Allways aim for 3stars-only on TH10's and below, make a plan and try your best,

If there is no targets left, that you think you can 3star

(or 2star against TH11), scout(1) one of the top bases or ask what to do -

no TH-Sniping for loot - straight kick.


 7. - Check the chat for anything war relevant that has been said, if you are unsure

about anything or want to do something outside of the strategy,

discuss it in the chat. - Communication is key!


8. - Dont rush your base, allways max your offense and dont upgrade your defense

beyond the point where you couldnt 3star your own base anymore,

(doesnt apply to TH11s) - you can also check online wich upgrades add

what amount to your war weight. - Carry your own weight in war.



Donating Rules:

9. - Dont be a leech, request only what you are willing

and able to give to others! (Except in War ofc).

Do not drop below a 1:2 Donation ratio - Fill requests above yours.

Repeated wrong donations = kick



(1) Scouting a top base generally means you should surround the entire base with balloons,

      to find airmines (anti AQ-walk), try to draw the cc, find as many traps as you can

     and let the teslas pop up - takes like 2 minutes and they'll pop up on their own!

      Do this unless anything else has been asked for! =)









We dont war for loot, we war for the win! - Cook the best possible army no matter the DE and E cost!


  • On CC Requests:


    1. War Requests: For war, you can request anything. Your request should say "for war" and only max troops must be used to fill war requests.
    2. Practice Requests: You can request any troops for practicing war attacks in raids. You should have a war army cooked (as opposed to a cheaper raiding army). Your request should say "for practice" and you should be posting those attacks as often as possible for feedback. Listen to any feedback and respond.
    3. Raiding Requests: For general raiding, your request MUST always contain something you can make! This is to ensure others can fill the request and to keep you from feeling like a leech on the big dogs. You CAN request high grade troops as long as you also accept something you can make. For example, a TH8 can ask for "Giants, Valks, or Bowlers" but should not just ask for "Bowlers". Top bases cook more specialized armies, so you will see TH10's and TH11's with very specific CC requests. That is OK. They can and do give those troops regularly, and can ask for them specifically. Plus, the higher you go, the more every raid is like a war battle. Still it is a good practice to have a raiding strategy that is flexible enough to work with more than type of CC troops (e.g. Valks or a Golem is nice but giants will work). The more flexible your request the more people will be able to filled it. REMEMBER, you are asking for a gift. The more expensive or specialized the request, the more patience you need to have. Last note, consider what kinds of troops people are raiding with. If everyone is using air, air request will be easier to fill. If everyone is raiding with ground troops, ground requests will be easier to fill.
    4. Revenge Request: If you want to do a revenge attack, ask for anything, like a war request. Say "for revenge" and be patient. It is not as a high a priority as war.
      • How to get Elder
      • If you are a new member and want to make elder, here are a few tips.

      • Follow ALL the basic rules!
        Know the clan war strategy (see page in the member's area).
      • Kick ass in war and be a teamplayer
      • Earn MVP for a clan war (earning 6 stars)
      • Donate
      • Be respectful
      • NEW MEMBERS:This is just the home page. To access the required and helpful member information, ask for the login in game chat.