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Welcome to Bloodarrow! 😎



9 Basic Rules we all have to follow:



 War Rules:

If you are a new member and want to join wars, you have to show us that

you have read the rules, can 3star bases like your own, are active and communicate.

Do / ask for some friendly challenges!


1. - Only opt in when you have enough time and motivation

and are going to make both your attacks in time!


2. - Opt out when you are upgrading a hero or spellfactory!


3. - If there is a Clanmail regarding the war, read it and follow it!


4. - The weaker/lower your offense is, the sooner you have to make your attacks,

if you are in the bottom bracket, you have to be done within the 1st 12hrs.


5. - Attack only for 3stars against TH10s and lower,

no TH-Sniping for loot - straight kick.(1)


 6. - If there is a "drop number" declared in the clanmail, it means you must drop

that number down from your position and attack it or +1/-1 of it!

For example you are no.10: drop 1 means hit 10,11,12, drop 2 means hit 11,12,13.


7. - Dont rush your base, always max your offense and dont upgrade your defense

beyond the point where you couldnt 3star your own base anymore,

Carry your own weight in war.



8. - If there is no target left, that you can 3star, scout a top base (see below for scout explanation),

OR you can practice an attack on a base within your drop range, or ask in the chat what to do.



Donating Rules:

9. - Dont be a leech, request only what you are willing

and able to give to others! (Except in War ofc).

Do not drop below a 1:2 Donation ratio - Fill requests above yours.

Repeated wrong donations = kick



(1) Scouting a top base generally means you will lose the battle to help the clan win the war. IF YOU CAN CHAT WITH THE INTENDED ATTACKER OR THERE IS A NOTE ATTACHED TO THE BASE BY THE INTENDED ATTACKER DESCRIBING THE SCOUT NEEDED, DO THAT, otherwise follow these guidelines for scouting:


You can't always go cheap but you don't need to spend more than is necessary. You are trying, first and foremost, to expose the clan castle troops. Next you want to expose all the hidden traps and such that you can. You should attack all sides if possible, or see if you can chat with the player that will be attacking the base you are going to scout and ask that person for advice on what will help.


Often, hogs are the best choice because they penetrate the base exposing traps and they draw all clan castle troops out. In some cases, IF YOU KNOW that the attacker from our clan is using air or an Archer Queen walk, loons and minions are a good choice to draw out air mines. Outside of this, it depends on how far above you the base you're scouting is. A TH9 or TH10 can use a more serious attack against a TH12 and still meet the needs of scouting, but a TH8 pretty much has to go in planning to blow all their troops and lose. It is for the good of the clan.


We don't war for loot, we war for the win! TH Sniping in war is never allowed. Generally we'll say do a practice attack or scout. Occasionally a scout allows for a TH snipe as well and that is okay as long as the scouting comes first. If you use all your troops at the TH, you are not scouting.





On CC Requests:

    1. War Requests: For war, you can request anything. Your request should say "for war" and only max troops must be used to fill war requests.
    2. Practice Requests: You can request any troops for practicing war attacks in raids. You should have a war army cooked (as opposed to a cheaper raiding army). Your request should say "for practice" and you should be posting those attacks as often as possible for feedback. Listen to any feedback and respond.
    3. Raiding Requests: For general raiding, your request MUST always contain something you can make! This is to ensure others can fill the request and to keep you from feeling like a leech on the big dogs. You CAN request high grade troops as long as you also accept something you can make. For example, a TH8 can ask for "Giants, Valks, or Bowlers" but should not just ask for "Bowlers". Top bases cook more specialized armies, so you will see TH10's and TH11's with very specific CC requests. That is OK. They can and do give those troops regularly, and can ask for them specifically. Plus, the higher you go, the more every raid is like a war battle. Still it is a good practice to have a raiding strategy that is flexible enough to work with more than type of CC troops (e.g. Valks or a Golem is nice but giants will work). The more flexible your request the more people will be able to filled it. REMEMBER, you are asking for a gift. The more expensive or specialized the request, the more patience you need to have. Last note, consider what kinds of troops people are raiding with. If everyone is using air, air request will be easier to fill. If everyone is raiding with ground troops, ground requests will be easier to fill.
    4. Revenge Request: If you want to do a revenge attack, ask for anything, like a war request. Say "for revenge" and be patient. It is not as a high a priority as war.

    • If you are a new member and want to make elder, here are a few tips:
    • Be active
    • Follow ALL the basic rules
    • Kick ass in war and be a teamplayer
      Know the clan war strategy (see page in the member's area).
    • Earn MVP in clan wars (earning 6 stars)
    • Donate
    • Be respectful
    • Communicate

This is just the home page.
To access the required and helpful member information, ask for the login in game chat.