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Welcome to Bloodarrow! 😎



9 Basic Rules we all follow:


War Rules: 

If you are a new member, in order to be added into wars, you have to make it clear that

you are active,  communicate, and know the rules. Do / ask for some friendly challenges!


1. - Only Opt in when you are motivated and have enough time.

2. - Opt out when you are upgrading a Hero or Spellfactory.

3. - Allways use both your attacks.

4. - If there is a clan mail regarding the war, read it - follow it.


5. - The weaker your offense is the sooner you should do your attacks,

if you are among the weakest left with attacks, do them as soon as possible,

if you are in the top, wait if you can to see where your attacks will be needed the most.


 6. - Allways aim for 3stars on TH10s and lower, make a Plan and try your best,

if there is no target left that you think you can 3star

(or 2star against TH11), scout one of the top bases or ask what to do.


 7. - Check the chat for anything war relevant that has been said, if you are unsure

about anything or want to do something outside of the strategy,

discuss it in the chat. - Communication is key.


8. - Dont rush your base, allways max your offense and dont upgrade your defense

beyond the point where you couldnt 3star your own base anymore,

(doesnt apply to TH11s) - you can also check online wich upgrades add

what amount to your war weight. - Carry your own weight in war.



Donating Rules:

9. - Just dont be a leech, request only what you are willing

and able to give to others (Except in War ofc).

Try not to drop below a 1:2 Donation ratio - Fill requests above yours.






In war, we are not concerned with whether or not the war win bonus (particularly with regard to elixir) is more than what is spent on the attack. We are not concerned with profit. We war to win.

Our basic expectations for all members are:

    • Donate often. We do not have a minimum donation per season, But we ask that you donate every time you request. Make your request easy to fill don't ask for oddball troops.   (this rule does not apply to war battles).
  • FOR WAR:
    • If your just getting started, be open to some feedback on your base or war battles. We all want you to be as strong as possible in order to maximize the team's chances of winning the war.
    • Have a plan. Don't just make up your usual army and attack. We're going for 3 stars each time. If your not sure how to plan it, ask for input. It's not just your battle; it is a team battle.
    • Don't just attack whoever you want whenever you want. We are exercising some degree of coordination to our war making. The complete strategy is available to members. We do this for several reasons.
      • It maximizes our attack strength and therefore our chances of winning.
      • It increases the opportunity for all members of the clan to meaningfully participate in every war. Everybody get at least one shot at the enemy base which most  closely matches his/her capabilities. Everyone gets a real chance to put stars on the board for the whole team.
      • It also less stressful. At first it seems frustrating, but once you get used to it, we are really attacking at a more leisurely pace. After all, we have a whole 24 hours. Controlling your stress is really important to maintaining your long term health.


NEW MEMBERS:This is just the home page. To access the required and helpful member information, ask for the login in game chat.